Cycle Contactless
Card & Wallet

Cycle Contactless Card & Wallet

Your crypto
your privacy

Cycle Card

As secure as a bank chip card.


The easiest, fastest, and the most inexpensive way to become an owner of digital assets. It can be distributed via any store that accepts crypto payments.


Quick and efficient interaction with Cycle POS terminal or any NFC-enabled Android-based smart device with app installed.


«Cold» storage with high-grade hardware protection. Non-retrievable private keys prohibit replication of the wallet and assets stored in it.


Each card is bound to one-off depersonalized wallet address in the blockchain. No accounts, no private servers. Backed by 100% uptime and unblockable P2P network of all blockchain nodes.

Single tap
to pay

Pay with digital currency as easy as with a bank contactless card.

Cycle Wallet

Versatile wallet app for all your digital assets.

Online and offline payments

Use your digital assets for online and offline payments as simple as scanning QR codes with your device's camera. Use your NFC-capable devices for contactless payments.

Fiat money

Connect MasterCard or Visa cards to your Cycle Wallet. Use them to buy crypto for fiat money and receive fiat payments when selling crypto.


Check your Cycle Card or Tangem card balance with your iOS or Android phone. Future functionality will include topping it up with digital and fiat money.


Your assets are stored in uncopiable “cold” storage with high-grade hardware protection. Non-retrievable private keys prohibit replication of the wallet and its assets.

Why Cycle Wallet?

One toolkit to manage and use every fiat and digital asset.

Own and spend most popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, DASH for goods and services. The list grows with each month. Future functionality will include fiat currencies.

Keep your transaction data private and secure with high-grade hardware protection and a depersonalized wallet address.

One card for every digital asset: Cycle Card can store several coins/tokens.

Pay online and offline with digital or fiat money using Cycle Card and Cycle Wallet.

View and manage all your crypto money, stored on Cycle Card, in one app.

Cycle also includes

Cycle POS

Cycle Pos
The new generation POS solution for any business for accepting and selling crypto.

Cycle Dashboard

Cycle Dashboard
Get a 360-degree view of your payments and business in Cycle Dashboard.

Cycle Remittance

Cycle Remittance
Send money around the world with fast and low-fee solution.


Contact us if you want to sell Cycle Cards in your store.

The solution works in any country, with acquiring in Europe and cryptocurrency
payments available in selected jurisdictions.