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Can own but
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Today’s crypto market cap is estimated at an avg. $150-200, with over 1, 000 coins and tokens in existence. However, most of this value is excluded from the retail cycle. The biggest barrier to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is the lack of an accessible payment infrastructure.

Cyclebit offers an opportunity to enter the real world and make cryptocurrency available for everyday payments.

What’s in it for you?

Wider adoption

Making your coin or token available for real-life payments in hundreds of local and international merchants and services will help to promote your digital asset and grow user community.


Backup by real goods and services can stabilize your asset’s value, making it less dependent from price swings of major cryptocurrencies.


A larger number of users, both private persons and businesses, means growing demand for your digital currency and making it more attractive for traders and investors.

Making things simple

Cyclebit works on bringing crypto to retail, giving people a simple way to purchase and spend it in everyday life, using accessible payment infrastructure. Cyclebit provides both customers and merchants with robust solutions for everyday payments, buying and selling digital currency.

Cyclebit creates an ecosystem of crypto payment cards, wallets, POS terminals, mobile apps, processing, and management software. They link customers, merchants, exchanges and coin issuers.

Altogether, it makes payments with crypto and purchasing crypto for customers as simple as using a card or contactless payment.

It’s working!

Cyclebit has launched its service with Nostrum, a Spanish fast-food chain. It operates more than a hundred café & restaurants throughout the Iberian Peninsula. They are now accepting cryptocurrency as payment.

Nostrum is not the only chain to accept crypto, using Cyclebit services. Merchants in several stores in countries across Europe and South Korea are now accepting cryptocurrency payments.

To start receiving payments in cryptocurrencies merchants can purchase Cycle POS terminal or integrate an existing POS system with Cyclebit API.

How to integrate

To connect you to the Cyclebit
payment ecosystem* we’ll need:

Your full node client

Mobile wallet

Some reserve coin funds

Reference on documentation for your API

The initial cost is 50 000 USD, 50% payment is required in advance.

Join our network before the official launch to get special terms and be among the first to give crypto community ability to buy and spend your cryptocurrency in real life.

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The solution works in any country, with acquiring in Europe and cryptocurrency payments available in selected jurisdictions.